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At Strategy Risks, we provide critical political and economic analysis, data, and risk assessment tailored to the complexities of China. Our products and services equip businesses, investors, and regulators with the insights needed to make informed decisions and navigate the Chinese and global markets.

Custom Research

Research on crucial areas in China is no longer as safe, practical – or even as accurate as it once was. Strategy Risks uses proprietary techniques to uncover meaningful information from an increasingly censored PRC. Strategy Risks combines its independence from PRC influence with world-class expertise in China’s politics, economics, and the military. Strategy Risks also delivers customized research projects for clients with wide-ranging research needs.

Due Diligence

Through its proprietary series of audits, Strategy Risks informs businesses of risks in their PRC supply chains, partnerships, or investments. These targeted research audits provide clients investment banks, corporations, private equity firms, and others with the information and context they can use in their compliance and other business decision making.

SRI Suite

We’re thrilled to introduce the Strategy Risks Index, an innovative alternative data product that scores companies globally on their country exposure, risks, and sentiment. Our proprietary indicators include qualitative (analyst-driven), quantitative (statistical), and communication based scores (AI), providing the most objective and comprehensive country- risk indicators on the market.


Strategy Risks also delivers customized research projects for clients with wide-ranging research needs.

Customized Research Solutions

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, Strategy Risks also specializes in delivering customized research projects. Our approach is flexible and client-centric, focusing on providing tailored insights and solutions. Whether it’s in-depth market analysis, policy impact studies, or specific geopolitical risk assessments, our team is equipped to handle a broad range of research needs with precision and expertise.


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If you’re interested in learning more about our products and services or have specific inquiries, we are here to assist. Strategy Risks is dedicated to providing clarity and strategic guidance in the complex realm of Chinese geopolitics. Contact us today to discuss how our specialized products and services can support your business objectives and risk management strategies.