How do you manage risk in a deglobalizing world?

We’re thrilled to introduce the SRI, an innovative suite of indices that rank companies on their exposure to countries globally. Want to balance your portfolio to reduce China exposure risks? Or to better access the Indian growth story through global equities? Trial the SRI.

Our proprietary indicators include qualitative (expert/analyst-driven), quantitative (statistical/AI) and communication-based scores/indexes (natural language processing/text mining), providing the most compelling and complete geopolitical indicators on the market.

Clients of the strategy risks Index™ can:

Integrated data analysis, strategic capital adjustments, risk forecasting, and optimized global company risk pricing.


Integrate country-level metrics with existing firm-level data sets, adding another dimension to company financials.

Increase or decrease

Increase or decrease capital allocations to companies with exposure to countries – including China and others – with improving or deteriorating conditions.


Forecast and hedge country-level risk scenarios that can affect domestic operations and cash flows.


Better price risk across thousands of global companies.


The 250 Index

The 250 Index measures country-level exposure across a range of categories: Business Fundamentals, Partnerships & Politics, Supply Chain, Regional Issues, and Transparency. The scores reflect both qualitative and quantitative analysis which draws on in-house expertise and reliable in-country sources.

Coverage: 250 largest U.S. public companies

Countries: China

History: Past two years (2021 & 2022)

The Multinational Risk Index

The Multinational Risk Index provides country-level risks scores at the aggregate level, as well as types of risk: economic risk (Econ), financial risk (Fin) and geopolitical risk (Geo). The Index calculates risk scores by conducting regression analyses of company stock prices over time.

Coverage: All listed companies globally

Countries: Global

History: Starting in 1990

The NLP Index

The NLP Index provides exposure, risk and sentiment scores for all publicly traded companies in the U.S. The scores are computed from a broad set of company communications using natural language processing (NLP). The scores represent aggregate level measures of country risk for each company over time.

Coverage: All listed companies in the U.S.

Countries: 13+ of the most impactful U.S. trading partners

History: Starting in 2002

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