Strategy Risks

Strategy Risks works with companies, financial institutions, and nonprofits to help them quantify and manage their risk exposure to China. This helps firms mitigate their regulatory, political, and ESG risk in both the United States and China. Using a proprietary blend of open-source research and data, we create a contextualized risk profile based on your needs.
Strategy Risks provides critical political analysis, data, and risk assessment to quantify the ties between corporations and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Our tools arm investors, policy makers, regulators, and civil society with in-depth research and insights, enabling our clients to think more strategically and responsibly when it comes to investing and operating in China, and to help our clients manage their China risk.

Our Values



We treat our clients and colleagues with respect. Often, this requires more listening than speaking. We strive to consider and understand opposing views.



We provide accurate and trenchant research to our clients. We do what we think is right, both externally and internally. Sometimes this means asking hard questions, and finding hard answers.



We operate with the utmost confidentiality and discretion (i) when advising or conducting research for our clients to help our clients support the security of both their information and their staff and partners and (ii) with respect to our information, trade secrets, and proprietary methodologies and assets.

Meet The Team

Meet our team of executives and researchers with vast experience in China.