Who We Are

Our Expertise

Strategy Risks provides world-class geopolitical analysis and data, with a focus on China and its global impact. We provide critical political analysis, robust data, and comprehensive risk assessments. Our precise, actionable intelligence helps businesses, investors, and regulators navigate the complexities of the global geopolitical landscape.


Strategy Risks provides critical political analysis, data, and risk assessment

Why Choose Strategy Risks?

At Strategy Risks, we distinguish ourselves through our unique blend of expertise and experience. Our team comprises specialists in Chinese politics, Xinjiang affairs, and the PLA, equipped to provide nuanced insights. We offer more than just data; we provide clarity and strategy in an opaque landscape, ensuring our clients can make informed decisions with confidence.

Our expert team of data scientists and investigative researchers utilize technology and proprietary techniques to uncover difficult to-access information for drivers of country risk.

Offers data-driven machine learning approaches to corporate risk.

No business conflicts in the PRC: this protects clients from the need to rely on local employees or consultants, and increases safety, security, and compliance.

Uses ISO 31000 risk management guidelines to help clients identify areas of “uncertainty.”

Combines company independence with world-class expertise in PRC politics, economics, business operations, as well as the Party and its sprawling military and security apparatus.

Our Core Values

Integrity, precision, and foresight are the cornerstones of our practice at Strategy Risks. With over three years dedicated to geopolitical analysis, we are steadfast in our commitment to unbiased, in-depth research. Our approach is grounded in a tradition of independence, ensuring that the insights we deliver are both reliable and relevant to our clients’ needs.




We provide accurate and trenchant research to our clients. We do what we think is right, both externally and internally.

Sometimes this means asking hard questions, and finding hard answers.

“Hundreds of years of experience in the China and geopolitical risk space”


We treat our clients and colleagues with respect. Often, this requires more listening than speaking.

We strive to consider and understand opposing views.

“Hundreds of years of experience in the China and geopolitical risk space”


We operate with the utmost confidentiality and discretion when advising or conducting research for our clients to help our clients support the security of both their information and their staff and partners

with respect to our information, trade secrets, and proprietary methodologies and assets.

“Hundreds of years of experience in the China and geopolitical risk space”


Ready to Learn More?

If you have any questions or wish to delve deeper into our Products and Services, we invite you to reach out. At Strategy Risks, we are always ready to provide further information and discuss how our tailored analysis can benefit your engagement with China.