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the China compliance challenge


Who We Are

We use our in-depth research and insights to inform and educate our clients and partners, enabling them to think more strategically and responsibly about their engagement with China.

With a team of uniquely qualified researchers and proprietary methodology, we help our clients measure and manage their China risk, through due diligence, targeted consulting, exposure rankings, and customized research.

Strategy Risks combines a tradition of independence with world-class expertise in Chinese politics, Xinjiang, and the PLA. With that unique combination, we provide China solutions, research, analysis directly to your boardroom or inbox.


What We Do

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China Audit

Strategy Risks works with companies, financial institutions, and nonprofits to help them quantify, manage, and (as needed) reduce their exposure to China.

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Custom Research

Our network of analysts and researchers probes a wide range of data in multiple languages to identify and quantify a corporation and/or an individual investor’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

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Xinjiang Audit

Xinjiang supply chains are opaque. It is not feasible to conduct on-site investigations in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, and it can be challenging to identify uses of forced labor, labor transfer programs, or connections to government labor programs in other parts of the country.

Industries We Serve

We service a broad range of clients and industries whom balance risk and opportunity in China. There is opportunity in China. Let us help you mitigate risks so you can operate.

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