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We help clients think strategically and responsibly about their engagement with China.

We use our in-depth research and insights to inform and educate our clients and partners, enabling them to think more strategically and responsibly about their engagement with China.

With a team of uniquely qualified researchers and proprietary methodology, we help our clients measure and manage their China risk, through due diligence, targeted consulting, exposure rankings, and customized research.

Custom Research

Due Diligence

Alternative Data Products


Our team of Executives and Senior Product Researchers
Isaac Stone Fish

Founder and CEO

Piper Lounsbury

Chief Operating Officer

Roxanne Khazarian

Chief Legal Officer

Melissa Chen

Managing Director

Product Research & Delivery

Elad A.

Vice President, Product Research & Delivery

Ray B.

Director of Research

Akram K.

Director of Research

Nick L.

Director of Analytics

Advisory Board

Bonnie Glick 


Fraser Howie


George Magnus


Tony Nash


Beatrice Schaffrath


John Teichert


Dr. Richard Thurston


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