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Xinjiang Audit

Xinjiang supply chains are opaque. It is not feasible to conduct on-site investigations in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, and it can be challenging to identify uses of forced labor, labor transfer programs, or connections to government labor programs in other parts of the country. Strategy Risks helps companies seeking to identify these practices, as well as related compliance and regulatory risks, through its proprietary research methodology — which includes but is not limited to research in publicly available information and reporting in relevant languages, including Mandarin and Uyghur. This approach can position clients to better manage their U.S. and international regulatory risk, and better adhere to their compliance guidelines.

What We Do

Strategy Risks provides the following products and services


A risk audit, detailing all information relevant to the company’s exposure to China


A longer report that covers related parties, including shareholders, suppliers, and customers


Monthly updates on the firms


Customized Requests

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