Nick Latinovic

Nick L.

Nick is a data scientist with over a decade of experience conducting quantitative financial market and macroeconomic research. He’s previously worked for various global macro hedge funds and fintech start ups where he’s developed novel indicators, algorithmic trading strategies and systems.
Nick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from McGill University and an MA in Economics from NYU.
Akram bw

Akram K.

Akram is Director of Research at Strategy Risks. He is a professional analyst of China’s foreign policy, internal politics related to domestic security, social stability issues, and China’s economic and geopolitical interests and influence initiatives.

Having worked for the private sector, U.S. government, and a non-profit organization, Akram has briefed senior U.S. officials and executives on U.S.-China relations, most recently focusing on China’s digital currency efforts, China’s growing global authoritarian influence, disinformation campaigns, propaganda strategies, and human rights issues.

Akram received his MBA from the University of Kent in England focusing on supply chain management.

Ray Image

Ray B.

Ray is the Director of Research at Strategy Risks. He is a professional analyst of Asian political, business, and technology practices, and their implications. He is experienced in inter-agency collaboration, including government review of inbound foreign investment and outbound exports.

Ray has previously worked in corporate, government, academic, and foreign settings. He received his Bachelor’s in Economics at the University of Wisconsin and his PhD in Economics at the University of Michigan.


Elad A.

Elad Alyagon serves as Director of Investigations and Training on the Strategy Risks’ research team. Elad uses his experience as a historian to conduct open-source research, specializing in mapping social, political, and commercial networks, identifying bad actors in supply chains, and adversarial research.

Elad studied Chinese at Peking University and Yunnan Normal University. He holds a BA in East Asian Studies and History and an MA in East Asian Studies from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, and a PhD in History from the University of California, Davis. Elad previously served as director of investigations for Channel Precision.