PPAI – Promo Leaders Still Traveling to China Amid Safety Concerns 
October 9, 2023

Leaders in the promotional products industry may be reluctant to travel to Mainland China in the wake of Beijing preventing executives from leaving the country.


In the past month, both a Hong Kong-based senior executive at U.S. risk-advisory firm Kroll and a senior investment banker at Japanese firm Nomura have been detained in China without either being the direct target of an investigation, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Promo’s Response

“I spoke to a guy in the construction business who traveled to China a couple months ago, and a customs officer took him to a little black house to ask him questions about what he’s doing in the U.S. and what his purpose was coming to China,” Zhang says. “Twenty minutes later, he was released. Everything was fine, but he was scared and really sweaty.”


“There are some individuals out there who are fearful of traveling to Hong Kong and China,” Spector says. “Perhaps not that they’ll be nabbed, but it just feels like everything is different now. Hong Kong is different, and the perception is that it’s no longer the welcoming city it used to be.”

Travel Safety Tips

Isaac Stone Fish, a risk assessor specializing in geopolitical business concerns surrounding China, says it’s a “sad reality” that traveling to China isn’t as safe as it once was.





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