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China Russia Risk Audit

Strategy Risks helps global companies identify and confirm whether their Chinese partners or suppliers are working with sanctioned or controversial Russian entities. This helps them reduce their risk of exposure to secondary sanctions, and also provides insight and clarity about their suppliers.

China is Russia’s largest trading partner, responsible for 18% of Russia’s overall trade in 2021. Russia is also China’s second largest oil supplier, its second largest coal supplier and an important source of timber and agricultural products. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and corresponding economic sanctions on Russian firms raises the risk that global companies invested in China may violate sanctions.

Using a proprietary blend of research, data, and analysis, in Chinese, Russian, and English, the China Russia Risk Audit delivers a risk profile by identifying and answering relevant questions, such as the following:

Does a specific Chinese entity have

  • A joint venture or other form of business relationship with a Russian entity or national
  • Direct or indirect import or export relationships with Russian entities or nationals
  • A financial stake, investments, or interest in Russian entities or projects
  • Other financial, cultural, or other relationships with the Russian government, Russian nationals or entities

What We Do

Strategy Risks provides the following products and services


A risk audit, detailing all information relevant to the company’s exposure to China


A longer report that covers related parties, including shareholders, suppliers, and customers


Monthly updates on the firms


Customized Requests

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