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China Audit

Strategy Risks works with companies, financial institutions, and nonprofits to help them quantify, manage, and (as needed) reduce their exposure to China. This helps those firms manage and mitigate their regulatory and political risk in both the United States and China. Using a proprietary blend of open-source research and data, Strategy Risks creates a contextualized risk profile, answering the following questions:

  • Is the company, its suppliers, or subsidiaries exposed to sanctioned entities, labor, or human rights abuses in Xinjiang?
  • How does the company partner with or aid the Chinese Communist Party or affiliated entities?
  • How does the company engage or interact with the People’s Liberation Army or affiliated entities?
  • What is the company’s relationship with the United Front Work Department, the Party ministry that seeks to strengthen the Party’s friends and weaken the Party’s enemies?
  • Does the company partner with firms or institutions that have close ties to the Ministry of State Security?
  • Has the company been fined by the Chinese government for health, safety or environmental infractions, and have there been major work protests at the company?
  • Is the company, its suppliers, or subsidiaries exposed to human rights issues in Tibet?
  • What relationship does the company have to companies or individuals that the U.S. government has sanctioned?
  • How do regulatory trends in China impact the company?

What We Do

Strategy Risks provides the following products and services


A risk audit, detailing all information relevant to the company’s exposure to China


A longer report that covers related parties, including shareholders, suppliers, and customers


Monthly updates on the firms


Customized Requests

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